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Micro Brewery Beer Starter Kit

This is a complete beer starter kit to make and serve 40 pints of superb quality ale. All you need to add is water. There is a choice of different styles of beer and once made and enjoyed you can make another 40 pints by purchasing any 40 pint beer kit.

This starter kit contains the following:
A quality 40 pint beer kit
Brewing Steriliser
33 litre Brewing Vessel
Airlock System
Beer Paddle
Trial Jar
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Syphon System
23 litre (5gal) Pressure Barrel
8grm Carbon Dioxide (co2) Gas Injection System For Priming / Dispensing.
Full instructions.
American IPA Micro Brewery
These beers were brewed to slake the thirst of the British troops garrisoned in India and were heavily hopped and relatively high in alcohol to survive the arduous journey round the southern tip of South Africa. Simcoe, Chinook and Centennial Hops Appearance - Pale gold with a fluffy white head. Aroma - Intense Citrus Grapefruit and Pine Taste - Bitter and balanced. Makes 40 pints at approx 6.5%.
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Amber Ale Micro Brewery
Amber Ale Micro Brewery. Pours light brown, fluffy white head. Soft rounded aroma, subtle floral and slightly spicy. Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel, enchanced and held together with a floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin, and subtle earthy undertones. Makes 40 pints appox 5.4%abv
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American Pale Ale Micro Brewery
American Pale Ale Micro Brewery. Pours bright copper, with an off white head. Aroma: Begins with sweet caramel and light malt aromas, which flood with punchy ripe nectarines and subtle tones of strawberry jam. Beautiful sweet malty flavours backed up with a vibrant hop character, bursting with intense and juicy nectarines, perfectly balanced, light and very refreshing.
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