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Still Spirits Pure Turbo (Triple distilled) Yeasts.

This is the yeast reccommended for the BrewGenie Smart Still. A very clean fermenting yeast which will not produce methynol. It comes complete with a liquid carbon sachet to absorb impurities whilst fermenting plus a sachet of Turbo Clear to ensure a clear alcohol once fermented. Full instructions are included. Requires 6kg of sugar or for a better result 7kg of Dextrose.
Triple Distilled
A breakthrough in turbo technology delivering 'triple distilled vodka' quality. This is the yeast you should use in the water distiller to produce 60% ABV spirit (where legal). To use: Add 21 litres of water to fermenter and adjust to 30degC. Add 7kg of dextrose (brewing sugar)or 6kg granulated sugar and stir until dissolved. Add parts A & B of the triple distilled yeast and stir well. Replace lid of fermenter loosely and leave to ferment between 18-24degC air temperature for 7 days. Use Turbo Clear after fermentation. A sachet of Turbo Clear is now included with the yeast pack
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