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Harris SureSan No Rinse

Harris Suresan No Rinse Steriliser is perfect for any home brewing application and makes sterilizing bottles so much easier and quicker. The pot is re-sealable too.

The steriliser is an oxidising agent which upon dissolving in water yields hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate (also known as Soda Ash). Sodium Percarbonate acts as a non-chlorine bleaching agent and thus is effective at sanitising surfaces and equipment. The hydrogen peroxide yielded when dissolved in water decomposes over a short time frame (1 hour) into harmless residual products oxygen and water, hence no additional rinsing is required and is safe for the environment.

Directions: Dissolve in water at the rate of 5g per litre of water and ensure it is in contact with all surfaces of equipment to be used. After use, pour away solution, there is no need to rinse away. The steriliser should be used within 1 hour of making up to remain effective.
SureSan 250g
250g Re-sealable pot of SureSan No Rinse steriliser.
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SureSan 1kg
1kg Re-sealable pot of SureSan No Rinse Steriliser
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