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VWP Cleaner

VWP cleans and sterilises in one operation. Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of VWP in a gallon of warm water. Make sure the solution reaches every part of the vessel to be cleaned, either by agitation or complete immersion, 5-10 minutes contact is sufficient for normal use. Leave to soak for an additional period in a stronger solution if vessel is very soiled. Soak overnight if heavily soiled. Rinse throughly in clean cold water. Regular use for all winemaking and brewing equipment will ensure a high standard of cleanliness.
VWP is also ideal for dishwashers, sinks, worktops, fridges, chopping boards, tea and coffee pots, vacuum flasks, glassware and cutlery and is also great for use on fabrics such as net curtains etc. Full instructions are on each pack.
Available in three pack sizes.
VWP Cleaner - 100g
Re-sealable 100g tub of VWP Cleaner.
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VWP Cleaner - 400g
Re-sealable 400g tub of VWP Cleaner.
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VWP Cleaner - 4kg
Best Value size, a resealable tub of 4kg VWP Cleaner.
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